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When you drift with feel like there’s nothing to talk about. I just don’t want to regret all the things that I never said out loud.




has anybody gotten over their Pacific Rim feels yet?

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Every time I see someone talking about Stacker and Chuck drifting, all I can think of is the bit where Tendo tells them the Kaiju are stopping and Pentecost effectively halts the Jaeger by refusing to go forward when Chuck clearly wants to keep moving. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think it was a good move on Pentecost’s part, since they clearly didn’t know everything, and the caution was merited in that case. But the thing that boggles my mind is the fact that THEY’RE DRIFTING and Chuck has to yell at Stacker, “Marshall, what the hell’re you doing?” in order to figure out what’s going on, and then Pentecost has to respond, “They’re stopping. Why the hell are they stopping?” I think the better question is: HOW THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DRIFTING RIGHT NOW? Clearly they have different ideas about what to do, clearly they think very differently, and their drift is apparently so muddled that Chuck can’t read Pentecost’s intentions or strategy or thought processes through it. (for an example of how it SHOULD work, see: Raleigh and Yancy in the beginning. “You know what I’m thinking.” “I’m in your brain. I know.”) Pentecost effectively forced their Jaeger to a stop BY HIMSELF in an action with which Chuck DID NOT AGREE. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t pilots supposed to pretty much use the drift to COORDINATE their motions? 

Just… Pentecost and Chuck drifting together is kinda odd to me in the first place (though, plot-wise, it is very convenient), but they can apparently make it work. Except they apparently can’t? Except apparently, despite the fact that they can’t, it does anyway? I honestly have no idea how they managed to sync up at all to fight if walking is such a chore. 

I’ve been saying the exact same thing since the first time I saw the movie.

I still don’t understand how they were able to drift. Say what you want about him, Stacker shows ZERO respect for Chuck as a person AND as a pilot with that bullshit “egotistical jerk with daddy issues” line (and we won’t even go into how much I LOATHE that line), but I’m supposed to believe they can sync well enough to move Striker? Yeah, not happening.

It was piss poor writing and just beyond lazy. Done to give Stacker a ‘heroic death’ (while completely minimizing Herc’s and Chuck’s relationship by not even allowing Chuck to actually say goodbye to his dad) and to allow Raleigh and Mako the chance to be the big damn heroes and save the world.

Yeah, don’t talk to me about how Stacker brings nothing into the Drift so they’ll do just fine. I will never believe that Chuck would co-pilot like that and you’ll never convince me that STACKER wasn’t the reason that Striker wasn’t as good as with Herc in the dominant pilot rig.


that one ship that makes your entire body and soul hurt when you think about it

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it is a difficult and emotional scene. IMHO Herc and Chuck are aware of the realities of having Pentecost first attempt to drift with Chuck and second that the man hasn’t been involved in actual combat in years. After years in each other’s heads, seeing through each other’s eyes even, I can just see them having whole conversations in those first gifs. A part of Chuck knows what’s coming but he needs his dad to confirm it. At this point it hasn’t hit either of them exactly what is likely to happen.

Herc remains stoic, he’s no fool, he knows they’ll either fail to drift or he’ll likely lose his son- and how can he want the former when the latter might mean the end of the war? His expression barely changes because he’s holding on so tight- before he would show some slight emotion at what was going on but here he’s blank and distant. 

The last one looks like Chuck trying to put on a brave face, like he’s saying ‘gonna kick some kaiju ass with another old man, same old thing’. What really gets to me is that Chuck never blames Herc for this, despite their relationship, and by the end I think he’s greatful- he always expected to die beside his father but when he knows he’s going to die, when there are moments to plan his own death, he realises he loves his dad too much to die with him.

Then again, the whole Chuck and Pentecost drifting is just poor writing.


There really is a whole conversation and Herc and Chuck have just by looking at each other. I’m sure they’re so used to hearing each other’s thoughts that they no longer even need to be drifting in order to know what the other person is thinking most of the time. 

You’re right about Herc holding on so tight. He’s trying not to show anything and yet Max Martini is so good that you can still see everything anyway. 

They’re both trying so hard to be strong and to be stoic but if *I’m* feeling this much I can’t even imagine what they’re feeling. 

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I was watching the movie and thinking about this part. We’ve speculated about it before, but I think it’s very interesting to consider what goes on between Herc and Chuck in this scene, and what they might have been discussing in the background.

Chuck was told to suit up, but knowing his father was injured, he didn’t even bother. Piloting with someone else was unthinkable.

(It would have been risky to send him off with someone who had never been in a Jaeger before, but Raleigh was doing trials with potential copilots only days earlier, and he and Mako only had one test run - which failed - before they took on Leatherback and Otachi. So the idea of Chuck piloting with one of the “candidates” isn’t totally unreasonable. In fact, they would have had enough time to test for compatibility in the Kwoon immediately following Herc’s injury, but Stacker must have already decided that he was going to pilot Striker with Chuck and so he didn’t make any arrangements for that to happen.)

I kind of love that Stacker makes a joke to break the tension when he comes out in the drive suit with Herc by his side, since he’s hardly the type to make jokes normally, and because the tension is sort of unbreakable. Chuck is just staring at Stacker in alarmed disbelief, but you can see Herc studying Chuck the whole time, gauging his reaction. 

When Stacker walks away the opposite is true - Herc is watching Stacker (or avoiding Chuck’s gaze?) and Chuck’s eyes shift over to his father. His frown is almost petulant at first, as if he is being wronged. But then it softens into more of a concerned look (even scared?). It fascinates me because I see Herc and Chuck at the same time as both eager to consult with each other and eager to avoid the awkwardness/pain of the situation, aka continue their policy of not discussing anything. 

The focus of the scene follows Mako and Stacker and their conversation, but in the background you can clearly see Herc and Chuck migrate into their own bubble, with both Herc and Tendo withdrawing. (Granted it’s a more important scene for Mako and Stacker, and they are primary characters, but this is an important scene for Chuck and Herc as well and it’s really a shame they’re never at the center, not even for a few nonverbal seconds.) It’s hard to tell exactly what the nature of their conversation is - in my opinion it doesn’t look like an argument, per se, but in the very last gif Chuck does appear to be distressed/displeased. 

I’d love to ask Max and Rob what they were actually saying during this part because I feel like in order to act it out well they would have needed to improvise some general dialogue. (Unless they were just talking about lunch.)

There’s really only a couple of things Chuck and Herc could reasonably be discussing here. After Chuck learns such a big piece of information it’s hardly likely they would discuss something unrelated. (Though given them, who knows? I can totally see them having the habit of immediately changing the subject to avoid discussing anything too serious/personal. The proverbial “So how ‘bout them Yankees?”)

Given what they say during their goodbye scene, I think it’s pretty clear that they didn’t broach anything too heavy prior to that.

It’s my headcanon that Herc is reassuring Chuck. I see Chuck as being unsure 1) about Stacker’s competence. (In the novelization he says in a different scene, “Pentecost may be a good man, but he hasn’t seen combat in, what? Ten years, maybe? More?” And given his disdain for Raleigh’s five years of construction work, it seems like he has a low opinion of the ability of long-retired pilots. Though I’m sure that changed a little after Raleigh and Mako’s success against Leatherback and Otachi.)

But more importantly I see Chuck as being insecure 2) about his ability to drift and pilot with anyone other than this father. He talks big with his “my bomb run” and “I’m the only chance we’ve got” (novelization), but I think that’s just posturing and overcompensation for his many insecurities. (And possibly a bit of a savior complex born of his survivor’s guilt.)

Obviously this isn’t a gushy sentimental conversation, but the way Herc was studying Chuck’s reaction made me feel like he came out prepared to buffer/counter Chuck’s response. And I see Chuck as being mostly afraid. (Not afraid to die, exactly, but afraid of dying in a way that is unnecessary or different from what he had imagined - like without his father by his side. And afraid of failing, of course.) So I see Herc as, in the end, mostly giving reassurances and affirmations to him. But, of course, I don’t think Chuck would freely admit that he was afraid to pilot with someone other than his father.

Ugh, I would kill for this to have been an actual scene between them and not just some body language going on in the distance. 

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