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When you drift with feel like there’s nothing to talk about. I just don’t want to regret all the things that I never said out loud.


Rob for Schoefferhofer Weizen

{ u n t i l . t h e . E N D . o f . t h e . W O R L D ; }



{ u n t i l . t h e . E N D . o f . t h e . W O R L D ; }
» a chuck hansen fanmix;

(Chuck’s my favourite character, so it was inevitable. That, and I’m totally still putting off writing. ;w;*CRIES*. Mostly electronic/rock, drum n bass, and alternative shit.)

songs to either drop you like a sack of kaiju shit or emotionally compromise you.

"if you have a shot, then take it.”

➡ 01 . noisia » machine gun [16bit remix]

➡ 02 . stabbing westward » save yourself
"i know that you’ve been damaged, your soul has suffered such abuse
but i am not your savior; i am just as fucked as you”

03 . iamx » nature of inviting
"it’s a vice of gold and dreams you try to escape from
but you surrender to the power, to the only way”

➡ 04 . marilyn manson » putting holes in happiness [nick zinner remix]
"putting holes in happiness
e’ll paint the future black if it needs a color
my death sentence is now a story”

➡ 05 . linkin park » by_myslf
"because i can’t hold on when i’m stretched so thin, i make the right moves but i’m lost within
i put on my daily facade but then i just end up getting hurt again by myself”

➡ 06 . innerpartysystem » don’t stop
"the selfish blood runs through my veins, 
i gave up everything for fame
i am the life that you adore— i feed the rich and fuck the poor”

➡ 07 . faunts » m4 (part i) [dvas macho mix]

➡ 08 . concord dawn » morning light

➡ 09 . celldweller » fadeaway
"with my hands on my mind i hold wounds that won’t mend
with my eyes open wide, i can see it’s the end…
tangled in my imperfections— on the way down, fadeaway”

➡ 10
 . killswitch engage » my last serenade
"this is my last serenade, i feel you as you fall away
this is my last serenade, from yourself you can’t run away”

➡ 11 . blvck ceiling » switchblade

★ L I S T E N  »  [x]

Watching The Rescuers Down Under and thinking about our favorite Australians.

Only my mother calls me doctor.

- “Why we fight”…

- What else can we do?

let's go fishing

requested: robert kazinsky

doctors newton geiszler and hermann gottlieb.