team striker eureka
When you drift with feel like there’s nothing to talk about. I just don’t want to regret all the things that I never said out loud.



The Becket Sisters, “Riley” and “Nancy”!

These two are from me and brakes' Rule 63 Zine, which is for sale here at my storenvy! I was really excited to do Pacific Rim though about halfway through the cast I was like “why…”


Can we talk about how those forearm freckles GIVE ME LIFE?


roguepythia, yep I think those guys in the background are definitely wearing Striker’s patches. Why didn’t they keep this scene in?? GRR.

Also, Chuck is totally holding some sort tool. It’s metallic with a brown handle. 

Crisis + faceless


When they playing a game about Kaiju war, fight Kaiju verses Jaeger, there was a tacit rule. Never choose these Jaegers; Lucky seven and Coyote tango.
Because don’t want to see their dads’ Jaegers(or can say “dads”) die even in the game.

I’m writing these confessions to you…
oh won’t you hold my hand, and take me to the other side?
well I want to see, I want to see with my own eyes.