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When you drift with feel like there’s nothing to talk about. I just don’t want to regret all the things that I never said out loud.

Pacific Rim meme:

↳ Four colours: Red


And I could write a book,
the one they’ll say that shook the world
And then it took,
it took it back from me
And I could write it down and spread it all around
Get lost and then get found and you’ll come back to me
Not swallowed in the sea

Yeah, you belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea [x]
Cover for the Playlist I’m working on \o/

skeevy-skeeve asked:
How about Chuck with #2 since you don't suck at all, and have already done Tendo. ^^;



One of my better Chuck Hansens I think. 


So what if Comrade Squid misses hanging out with Aleksis, so when he’s helping Chuck gather coconuts for Cherno Alpha, he comes up with a plan.

(He’s giggling, but I don’t know what a giggling squid would sound like….. probably flashing red and white chromatophores?)


((Guess who has to stay home Thanksgiving week? Right now Im an ugly mess of coughing and snot.Blegh. Here’s some stuff I drew while hopped up on Nyquil. ))


This is my new favorite Chuck face.


Striker Eureka for epicgipsyeureka